Diagnostic tests 

Definition, development and standardization within Europe of a concise set of audiological tests that will evaluate hearing performance under a large variety of acoustical conditions (including 3D listening) and that will result in a personal audiological profile.

In the different countries of Europe, several different tests are used to assess the hearing of patients. In all countries the absolute threshold for tones in a quiet environment is estimated, but next to that a wide range of other tests are performed. In this part of the HearCom project, a set of tests will be defined that will produce a clear inventory of the hearing of patients. This set will be as small as possible to achieve optimum efficiency. On the other hand it will leave the different choices for a number of test types, so that clinicians can choose their preferred version from equivalent test versions. The resultant set will be the “advised” test battery for Europe. For the clinics, the advantage of using this battery will be the easy availability of the tests and the necessary information from the HearCom project. For Europe the advantage will be the presence a standard test battery that will allow different countries to align their hearing assessments, which will promote equal treatment of patients all over Europe.

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