Screening tests

Development and evaluation of communication screening tests by means of the Internet and telephone network.

To provide a possibility to quickly asses ones communication skills without having to leave the house, we are developing a number of screening tests for home use. These tests are made available via the telephone or the Internet. Surveys, carried out within the HearCom project, indicated a large public interest in such tests. In addition, they indicated a large willingness, for young and old, to use the Internet for such tests. This enabled us to add more sophisticated test to the already planned telephone screening test.

Speech tests and languages considered

The most important test considered for this purpose is the digit-triple test. This test is suitable for self-screening purposes via telephone and Internet. Both versions are either in operation, or planned, for the languages Dutch, German, English, Swedish, and French.

The second test considered for Internet application is a test assessing spatial-hearing abilities. This will be measured using a test in which listeners nead to identify the location from which a sound, such as a ringing telephone, is arriving.

Test availability

The triple-digit test will be made available via the telephone. Experiences with such an application in the Netherlands have proven that this to form of test is very popular. All final screening tests will be made available via the Internet so that they can be used at home by everyone who has an Internet connection.

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