Speech in Noise Test

How to set up your computer for this test

  1. Connect your headphones or loudspeakers to your computer (Help)
  2. The test you are about to conduct requires Java 1.4 or higher. If the box below is green, you have the correct version of Java and can continue to the test. If the box below is red, you will need to download an upgrade of Java before you can access the test (Help).
  3. To adjust the volume to a comfortable level:
  1.  If you are using headphones, hold them so that they are close to - but not on - your ears. This will help you to avoid uncomfortably loud sounds when setting the volume.
  2.  Click on the "Start" button below to start a demonstration sound.
  3.  Adjust the volume to a comfortable level using the controls in your operating system and/or the controls on your speakers (Help). If you are using headphones, ensure that you are able to hear the sound clearly but that it is not too loud when placing the headphones directly onto your ears.
  4.  When you are happy with the volume, click the Stop button to stop the demonstration sound.


  •  You will need to do this test using a fast internet connection (i.e. broadband). If you hear drop-outs (silent intervals) in the sound then the connection you are using is not fast enough to do perform this test. All OK?

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