How do I use the test?

  • When the test starts, the number pad shown below will appear.
    number pad 1
  • During the test, speech is presented with noise in the background. Each sound will consist of the words "The digits ...", followed by three spoken numbers that will be played with a rushing noise in the background. This rushing noise will always be played back with the same sound level, while the speech can be loud or it can be quiet.
  • After listening to each sound you must enter the three numbers you have heard by clicking on the number pad with your mouse.
  • For example, if you hear
"The digits ... five ... nine ... nine"
You should click 5, then 9, then 9 on the number pad.
number pad 2
  • You can also use the digits above the letters on your keyboard to enter digits.
  • You must always enter three digits, even if you have to guess.
  • If you make a typing-error, press clear or use the delete button and re-enter the three digits.
  • You can only hear the digits once.
  • The test will repeat a number of times, offering a random selection of numbers each time. The better you do the harder the test will get. At the end of the test you will get your result.
  • Overall the test will take less than 5 minutes.
click ‘run the test now’ if you are happy to proceed directly to the test.