How to do this test

  • Two bursts of noise will follow in quick succession. This will create an illusion that the sound source moves from the left to the right, or from the right to the left. To have a listen, you can click corresponding arrows below.

arrow left if you think the sound moves to the left, click on the arrow pointing to the left

arrow right if you think the sound moves to the right, click on the arrow pointing to the right

  • The test takes about three minutes to complete. The progress bar at the top of the test page will show you how far you have progressed through the test.
Applet met pijlen
  • The difficulty of the test will vary depending on how well you are performing. The better you do, the more difficult the test will become. Similarly, if you guess incorrectly, the test will become slightly easier.
  • If you are unsure in which direction a sound is moving, you should always guess. This is very common and will usually happen many times during a test.
  • The test measures the point at which you can just about tell from which direction a sound is coming. Because of this, it will often be very difficult to make a decision. This is normal and means that you will often need to guess the correct answer.
  • You can respond by clicking with your mouse on the appropriate button.
  • You should stay focused on a point between both loudspeakers, preferably your computer screen.

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