Connecting your loudspeakers

Note: instructions are based on typical Windows PC components. Your exact equipment may vary.

Identify plugs

A standard set of speakers will have one plug at the end of the cable. This is the plug with which you connect your loudspeakers to your computer.A example of such a plug is given on the right.

headphone plug

Identifying Computer Sound Jacks

You should connect your loudspeakers to the green output of your computers' soundcard.

output soundcard PC
output soundcard PC
output laptop

underneath cover

under cover

The input jacks on your computer will typically be located on the back of your desktop computer or on the side of a laptop computer. Sometimes they will be in different places, like underneath the cover of your PC. These input jacks should also be colour coded, or may also be labelled with small emblems (given on the right). Above, some examples of two typical desktop computers, and a typical laptop are given.


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