Sound localisation

This screening test will provide you with the opportunity to test your ability to locate where sounds are coming from. The test will place the user in a virtual room (see image below) which will contain six different telephones.

upperview from virtual space

The test will be conducted using headphones. You will begin the test sitting in the center of the virtual living room, your view will be that of the TV, with three of the telephones positioned to the left of your view and the other three telephones on your right.

Using the onscreen trackbar, you will be able to change your view of the virtual room, as if you were turning your head left or right. You will hear the ringing sound of a telephone many times during the test. The test works by asking you to identify which of the six telephones is ringing.

As you change your view of the virtual room (by turning left or right), the sound you hear in your headphones will change according to the direction you are facing – just like it does in real life. This feature should help you decide which telephone is ringing.

Possible views of the room while doing the test are shown below.

some screenshots of the test


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