Digit triplets test

This test checks your ability to recognize speech in noise.

What do you need to run this test?

  • A sound card with connected loudspeakers or headphones
  • Java 1.3 or higher installed on your computer
  • Fast internet connection (otherwise you will hear dropouts in the sound)

How does this test work?
  • When the test starts, the number pad shown below appears.
  • During the test speech is presented with a simultaneous noise signal in the background. Please adjust the speech to a comfortable level.
  • The speech consists of an announcement ("the digits") followed by three digits.
  • Please enter these digits by clicking them on the number pad using the mouse:
number pad
  • Please always enter three digits, even if you did not recognize all digits and you have to guess!
  • After entering the digits, the next presentation starts.
  • The difficulty varies throughout the test: the better you perform, the harder it will get. Therefore it is normal that you will not always recognize all digits!
  • The test will take about 5 minutes.


  • Assuming you recognized the digits 1, 5 and 6. First, click the digit 1 (the digits selected so far are shown at the bottom of the number pad, here: 1 and 5). Then continue clicking digits 5 and 6 subsequently.
example using the number pad


  • Please carry out this test in a quiet environment.
  • This test does not cover all aspects of hearing and does not substitute a medical diagnosis.To get a more detailed diagnosis please visit your local ENT-doctor

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