Connecting your equipment

Note: the following instructions are based on typical Windows PC components. Your exact equipment may vary.

In order to use this test, your computer must be equipped with a headphone unit, which should look something like this:

You cannot effectively use computer speakers to complete this test

Identify Headphone/Microphone Plugs

Your headphone may be equipped with one or two plugs at the end of the cord. When there is only one plug, this is the plug for the headphones. In that case, you identified the correct plug and can continue by reading the section "Identifying Computer Sound Jacks". If there are two plugs, one is for the microphone and the other is for the headphones and we need to identify the correct plug first.

Identify the correct plugs

The plugs might look like any of the following:

Your equipment will have one plug at the end. Some headphones have two, of which one is for the microphone and the other is for the headphones. In that case, the headphones plug can be identified by one of the following characteristics:

  1. Coloured Black or Green or Blue
  2. Displays a headphone logo (right)
  3. Embossed with the word "phones”

The other is the microphone and will not be used.

Identifying Computer Sound Jacks

The input jacks on your computer will typically be located on the back of your desktop computer or on the side of a laptop computer. Sometimes they will be in different places, like underneath the cover of your PC. These input jacks should also be colour coded, you need to take the green one, or may also be labelled with small emblems (which may look the same as the ones on your headphones). Below some examples from two typical desktop computers, and a typical laptop are given. In some cases, your loudspeakers provide the possibility to connect your headphones with the soundcard. If these are connected to your computer, this is generally the most convenient solution:


output soundcard PC
output soundcard PC
output laptop


On your computer, the headphone jack will almost always be green or with a headphone logo next to it and the microphone jack pink or red. The blue jacks in the first two photos are not the right ones.


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