Using Windows 95/98

After plugging the headphones into your computer, be sure that the volume is turned about halfway and that the microphone is not on mute. You can then adjust the volume so that it is comfortable for you.

Computer Sound/Volume Controls

The Windows operating system allows you to place a small speaker icon (see right hand side) in your system tray (on the lower right of your screen) to allow quick access to your system volume.

Click on this small speaker icon to open the volume control, and use your mouse to drag the control up and down until the volume is comfortable for you.


If you do not have this logo in the bottom right hand corner of your screen it may need to be enabled. To enable this control, do the following:·

Windows 95/98:
  1. Click on Start
  2. Click on settings
  3. Click on Control Panel
  4. A new window appears
  5. Click on Multimedia
  6. Click on Audio and check the box that says "Show Volume Control on the taskbar"
  7. Click on "APPLY" and "OK"


Once you have the icon available ( or ), you can click on it once to bring up a control to quickly adjust your system system volume (or mute volume). If the icon is still not vissible, click on <<, left from the clock:

 trackbar volume


Take care that the mute box is not checked/ticked and the slider is halfway.

To adjust the volume to a comfortable level:

  1. Hold your headphones so that they are close to - but not directly on your ears. This will help you avoid uncomfortably loud sounds when
    setting the volume.
  2. Click on the Start button below to start the signal.
  3. Adjust the volume of the signal until you are comfortably able to place the headphones directly on your ears.
  4. Adjust the volume to a comfortable level - ensuring that you are able to hear the signal clearly.
  5. When you are happy with the volume, click the Stop button to stop the signal.


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