Hearcom self-screening questionnaire
  1. Can you tell from its sound whether a bus or lorry is moving towards you or moving away from you?

  1. When you hear a voice or footsteps behind you, can you tell in which direction (from left to right or right to left) that person is moving without looking round?

  1. Do you immediately turn your head in the correct direction when somebody calls you?

  1. Can you follow what somebody is saying when there is much reverberation, such as in a church or railway terminus building. Can you follow what the other person is saying?

  1. Can you recognise family members by their voices alone?

  1. Can you easily have a quiet conversation with somebody you know?

  1. When you are in a quiet room, can you follow a conversation on the telephone?

  1. Can you understand what is said without having to ask people to repeat themselves?

  1. Can you understand somebody who talks to you at a busy party or reception?