Welcome to the test area


Welcome to the Hearcom test-area. Thank you very much for agreeing to contribute to the tests. Your participation is of great value and is very much appreciated.

We would like you to ask to do the following tests:

  1. Speech in noise test; this test measures your ability to understand speech when it is played against background noise.
  2. Sound localisation; these tests measure your ability to hear where sounds are coming from - and will therefore provide information as to how well both your ears work together.
  3. Questionnaire; this test subjectively measures how well you can cope in difficult situations in which you have to rely on your hearing.

Once you have completed a test, your scores will be related to your actual hearing ability – information which is already stored on our database. This will enable us to assess the reliability of these screening tests in detecting hearing loss.

Any test you choose to participate in will be of great support to us.

Please select the test you want to conduct.

Speech in noise test

Sound localisation 1 (finding a ringing telephone)

Sound localisation 2 (hearing small angles)