When should someone consider taking a screening test?

You may benefit from a screening test (such as speech in noise test, sound localisation, or questionnaire, all will become available on this site) if any of the following applies to you:

  • Problems understanding speech:
      1. Do you often feel as though people are mumbling or talking very softly when speaking to you?
      2. Do you often find yourself asking people to repeat themselves?
      3. Do you feel “drained” after having long conversations, to the point where you try to avoid such situations?
      4. Do you find it difficult to follow conversations when in crowded public places, such as supermarkets or busy restaurants?
      5. Do you often experience difficulties when having telephone conversations?
  • Problems hearing where sounds are coming from:
  1. Do you experience difficulties in determining the distance between you and a car based on the sound?
  2. Are people or cars generally closer to you than you would expect based on the sound?
  3. Do you experience difficulties locating your mobile when it is ringing?



  • Problems hearing, distinguishing, or recognizing?
  1. Do you experience difficulties differentiating between a male and a female voice?
  2. Do you experience difficulties recognizing someone based on the sound their voice makes?
  3. Are you unable to hear birds sing?