HearCompanion Service Questionnaire - A

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Please try to answer all questions.

Did you participate in any earlier HearCompanion trials?  If so, please indicate which:

Section A: Your experience with computers
For each question, please select one option only.

  • A.1  Do you have access to a computer at home?

  • A.3 How often do you use the Internet for searching the World Wide Web?

  • A.4 Have you ever used the Web to search for information on hearing loss?

  • A.5 Did you experience any problems when logging in to this service today?
  • A.6 Did you have any problems understanding how to use the HearCompanion service?  Please select a number on the scale below.

  • A.7 Did you find it difficult finding your way around HearCompanion?  Please select a number on the scale below.