CROS and BiCROS hearing aids

People with markedly different hearing in their two ears are sometimes recommended to use CROS (Contralateral Routing Of Signals) or BiCROS hearing aids.

CROS hearing aids are intended for people with hearing in one ear only. These hearing aids pick up the sound coming from the side with no hearing and feed this sound directly to the good ear - ensuring that the user does not miss sounds coming from their ‘deaf’ side.
                   A CROS hearing aid (Image © RNID)
BiCROS aids work in a similar way, but are suitable for people who also have some degree of hearing loss in their better ear as well. These hearing aids amplify sounds coming from both sides, but feed the combined sound into the ear that has the better hearing.
There are two parts to each CROS/BiCROS system – one part for each ear. They are usually behind-the-ear types but in-the-ear models are available.
Please note that many more people will benefit from using two separate hearing aids than from CROS and BiCROS aids, which are specialised products intended for relatively few people.


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