Waking up

If your hearing loss is mild or moderate you may be able to rely on a regular alarm clock, and should be able to find one that meets your needs. If your hearing loss is more severe, however, you may prefer one that includes a bright flashing light or connects to a small vibrator pad that goes under your mattress or pillow. You may like the idea of the light – but bear in mind that if you are turned away when it flashes, or if your bedroom is not very dark, flashing light may not be sufficient to wake you. For most people, vibration is a surer way to be woken.

A good range of models with analogue and digital clock faces can be bought for around £15 to £50. Some are battery operated, others need to be plugged into a mains electric socket.

A particularly useful product is a small hand-held vibrating travel alarm clock – the whole clock vibrates, and you can put it under your pillow.


                        A travel alarm clock (Image © RNID)

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