About getting a hearing aid

By now your hearing should have been tested by either an NHS audiologist or private hearing aid dispenser. Perhaps you have been advised you might benefit from hearing aids? Hopefully, they will have also discussed with you the different types available, and which might be suitable for you.
You may already have an appointment booked to have your hearing aids fitted, or may be waiting for an appointment to be arranged.
If your results show that you have a hearing loss in one ear only, or a much greater loss in one ear than the other, then it is likely that just one hearing aid will be suggested.
If however your results show that you have a significant hearing loss in both ears, you should be offered a hearing aid for each. There can be advantages to using two hearing aids, such as:
• Better understanding of speech in noisy surroundings
• Increased (stereophonic) sound quality
• Better opens a new windowlocalisation – the ability to identify the direction that a sound is coming from
Should you be offered hearing aids, the audiologist will be able to tailor their performance to suit your specific hearing loss and needs.
All private hearing aid dispensers and some NHS audiology departments can offer you a choice of colour for your hearing aid. Some people like their hearing aids to be as discreet as possible and so opt for a colour which closely matches their skin or hair colour. Other people prefer their hearing aids to be visible to others - using them almost as fashion accessories – and so can choose from a variety of colours.
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