Looking after your hearing aids

Hearing aids are delicate devices and require care to ensure that they can perform at their best without problems.  They are especially sensitive to heat, moisture and debris/dirt – so it’s important not to expose them to such conditions.

If you got your hearing aids through the NHS, you can get them repaired or replaced free of charge (However, you may be charged if they have reason to believe you’ve been reckless with your aids or if you damage them repeatedly). 

How to store your hearing aids

You need to look after your hearing aids when you are not wearing them.
• Keep each in a safe, dry box (you should have been provided with a small box for each aid when they were fitted).
• Keep them in their own boxes and do not store the left hearing aid in the box intended for the right hearing aid, or vice versa. This helps stop germs from crossing from one hearing aid to the other in the event of an ear infection.
• If you are not going to use you hearing aids for a few days or more, then take out the batteries .

Some Do’s and Don’ts

• Don’t get your hearing aids wet – you should always remove them when having a bath/shower, swimming, going to the hairdressers etc.
• Avoid using your hearing aids in excessively humid environments, or leaving them in, say, the bathroom or unventilated kitchen.
• After washing your earmoulds, you should never leave them on a radiator to dry – they may melt!
• Do not store hearing aids in direct sunlight or other excessively hot places.
• Store your hearing aid(s) out of the reach of children or pets.
• Hair spray may jam the microphone, so insert your hearing aid(s) after finishing your hairstyle.
• After times when you may have been perspiring (e.g. sports), you should dry your hearing aids thoroughly. This can for example be done with special drying cushions or bags of silica gel.

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