Hearing aid troubleshooting guide

This guide offers simple solutions to problems you could encounter with your hearing aids. If these do not correct the problem, you need to visit your audiologist or hearing aid dispenser, who will be able to help you further.

Possible Solution

Hearing aid appears ’dead’

Hearing aid not turned on
Hearing aid is in ‘T’ mode
Battery not inserted correctly
Battery compartment not been properly closed
Battery exhausted
Blocked earmould (Behind-the-ear and body-worn hearing aids only)
Defective hearing aid
Turn hearing aid on
 Ensure hearing aid on the microphone ‘M’ setting
Check that battery is inserted correctly, with ‘+’ and ‘-‘ symbols the correct way round.
Ensure battery compartment is closed.
 Replace battery
Clean earmould
 Contact your hearing aid provider for repair.

Hearing aid emits whistling sound

Volume set too high
Earmould does not fit properly, or you have not inserted it correctly
Weak battery
Reduce volume control setting until whistling disappears
Check that you have put the earmould in correctly. If this does not cure the problem then contact your hearing aid provider.
Replace battery

Sound is distorted

Volume set too high
Weak battery
Reduce volume control setting until distortion disappears
Replace battery.

Sound is weaker than usual

Weak battery
Hearing aid tubing is damaged
Earmould clogged with wax
Replace battery
Check tubing for damage (fraying, moisture) and replace if necessary
If you cannot remove the wax easily yourself, then contact your hearing aid provided to have it cleaned.

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