Temporary Hearing Loss and Tinnitus

After exposure to loud noise you may find that your hearing temporarily dulls and you may also experience a temporary ringing in your ears called tinnitus. Your hearing may recover and this usually happens within 24-48 hours later. Temporary ringing in your ears after exposure to loud noise is a sign that you have exposed your ears to levels of sound that are dangerously high and have done some damage to the tiny sensory cells in your cochlea. If you frequently expose yourself to loud noise the dullness of hearing and tinnitus can become permanent . If you regularly experience these symptoms, you should take steps to protect your hearing.
Some types of medication can also cause hearing loss and tinnitus which may be permanent or temporary. These are referred to as Ototoxic drugs.
There are other causes of temporary hearing loss associated with conductive hearing losses caused by problems in the outer and middle ear such as infections, glue ear, wax and perforations.