Hearing aid fitting: What will happen at your hearing aid fitting appointment?

1.    The audiologist will again ask you a few questions about how well you are able to hear in everyday situations and what difficulties you have.

2.    The audiologist will show you your hearing aids and make sure your earmoulds or open ear pieces fit comfortably into your ears.

3.    The audiologist will then ensure that the hearing aids are correctly set up to suit your hearing loss. This is done by taking readings using a tiny tube which is inserted a short distance into your ear canal - a method called Real Ear Measurement (REM).  This will be described in more detail in a later section.  The audiologist will ensure you are comfortable with the volume level and sound quality of the hearing aids, and then explain how to build up use gradually and acclimatize to their sound.


                                 An audiologist carrying out Real Ear Measurements (REMs)


4. You will then be shown how to use your hearing aids. Your audiologist should talk you through such things as how to change the battery and how to fit the hearing aids into your ears. 

5. Finally, you should be offered a follow up appointment, which may be in person or over the phone. This follow up appointment will usually occur 6 to 8 weeks after your hearing aids have been fitted, allowing you sufficient time in which to try them in the situations that are important to you.