Body-worn hearing aids

These consist of a small box containing the hearing aid electronics and microphone; this is clipped to your clothes or put in your pocket. The box is connected by a lead to a small earphone, which delivers sound directly into your ear.
   A body-worn hearing aid (Image © RNID)
Some older people find body-worn hearing aids easier to use than the smaller types, since they are quite large and the controls easy to operate. However, very few models of this type are now produced.
Body-worn hearing aids can be very powerful, meaning that they are most suitable for individuals with very severe hearing losses – and their relatively large size makes them easy to handle and adjust.
• Robust - not as easily damaged as smaller, more fragile hearing aids.
• Their larger size makes them easy to handle and maintain.
• Batteries are longer-lasting and may be cheaper than those for smaller hearing aids.
• Their large size makes them highly visible.
• As they can be quite powerful, using one with a poorly fitted earmould may cause acoustic feedback (whistling).
• The microphone can often rub against the wearer's clothes -  resulting in the unwanted amplification of this noise.
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