Knowing your baby is crying

Baby monitors for deaf and hard of hearing people have two parts - a monitor unit that picks up the sound your baby makes, and a parents' alerting unit. The parents' unit normally connects to a vibrating pad that goes under your pillow, and sometimes has a flashing light to attract your attention while you are awake. Baby monitors usually have a sensitivity control so that they do not pick up every little sound your baby makes, but you need to adjust it correctly to make sure you can respond to your baby when it needs you. Baby monitors for deaf people range in price from around £50 to £150.


There are also special video systems that enable you to see your baby on a television screen, even when your baby is sleeping in a dimly lit or dark room. When your baby cries, the parents' unit connected to your television will automatically interrupt television viewing and switch to the camera monitoring the baby; however, you should not rely on this to wake you. On most systems of this type you can also hear the sounds your baby makes through the loudspeaker on your television, but this may only be sufficient if your hearing loss is small. Some systems are supplied with a long cable that connects the parts, while others are cordless, so they don't take so long to install.

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