Mobile phones

Virtually all mobile phones have a range of ringtones to choose from, and have adjustable ringer volume too – so there’s a good chance you will find a combination that is effective for you. Many models can also be set to vibrate when they ring as well or instead. Unfortunately, mobile phones can cause interference with some hearing aids – the severity of which depends on the phone/hearing aid combination. If you intend to use a mobile with your hearing aid(s), this is something you need to check out. An alternative is to use opens a new windowaccessories such as inductive ‘neckloops’ or ear hooks, which enable you to keep your mobile at a short distance from your hearing aids.


                            A mobile phone (Image © RNID)


Mobile phones are often used in 'hostile' environmental conditions such as on a noisy railway concourse and therefore you are likely to encounter more problems in being able to use them effectively than  traditional landline phone that is at home in a quiet place.

You can also use your mobile phone to send SMS text messages as well – an easy way to keep in touch with friends, family and colleagues. While texting can be a lifeline in emergencies, you should remember that delivery of SMS messages is not guaranteed and messages are occasionally delayed.


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