Naunton's story

My hearing loss - when did it start?

At the age of 68.  It was a gradual loss, and noticed more by my wife than myself.


What did I do about it?

I went to the doctor, who referred me to the Audiology clinic at my local hospital.


My experiences getting hearing aids

I encountered long delays and poor patient administration, which made it difficult to penetrate the system, but satisfactory once I was in front of an Audiologist. I had my first hearing aid fitted in 2006.  I heard through a third party that a second aid may be available, so I approached the Audiology department and was eventually fitted with a second aid. I was surprised to find a very substantial improvement when both aids were recalibrated as a pair. I still have some concerns about my hearing aids, but there appears to be no recall system and as thing are ‘just alright’ I don’t intend to invoke further changes myself.


How am I doing now?

I'm now fully retired but busy with music and social commitments - all of which benefit from good hearing.  I recommend digital aids to all my friends who are of a similar age to myself.


Additional products and communication skills that help me

I personally don’t find any additional products necessary as my hearing aids give me adequate benefits.


Do I have any words of advice for others?

Many difficulties with hearing aids arise from use by people with declining dexterity or their belief they have no real deficiency in hearing. There is also the problem of people not appreciating the benefits of wearing an aid that is working properly.


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