Getting hearing aids through the NHS

The NHS will be able to provide you with good quality digital hearing aids free of charge. This is only possible through the NHS route – so, if you choose to go to a private hearing aid dispenser instead, you will have to pay for your hearing aids.
Although many of the hearing aids provided by the NHS are also available from private dispensers, the NHS will not give financial help for you to purchase your hearing aid privately. However, if you decide to purchase hearing aids privately, you will still be entitled to free NHS hearing aid provision.
You should soon receive an appointment to return to your local audiology department, if you have not done so already. At this appointment, your audiologist will use your hearing test results to select suitable hearing aids for you and program them to compensate for your particular hearing loss. Once the audiologist is happy with the performance of the hearing aids, you’ll be able to take them home to try out. 
You’ll then need to return to your audiology department a few weeks later to tell your audiologist how you’ve been getting on. If you and your audiologist are still happy with the performance of your hearing aids, you’ll be able to take them home with you permanently. However, if either of you are unhappy with the aid, your audiologist may be able to re-programme it – or even recommend another for you to try.  

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