How to choose a private hearing aid dispenser

• All hearing aid dispensers are legally required to be registered with the Hearing Aid Council, so check this out first.

• The Hearing aid Council website lists registered hearing aid dispensers that you can search for those who are in your area. However, the Hearing Aid Council cannot recommend one hearing aid dispenser over another or a particular type or model of hearing aid.

• Your GP may also be able to give you information about hearing aid dispensers in your area.

• If you know someone that has bought hearing aids privately ask their opinion of the supplier. Remember though that their hearing loss is not likely to be the same as yours – so the same hearing aids may not be as suitable for you.

• If you are considering buying hearing aids from a dispenser who is visiting your house, check that you will be able to contact them easily in future if you should have any problems with your hearing aids, or need to get them repaired or adjusted.

• If you can, it is better to visit a hearing aid dispenser at their base instead of them visiting your home. In this way, they will have all their facilities available – and it may enable you feel more in control and less pressured about making a decision.

• Find out the hours and days each week when the dispenser will be available to help you. In some shops or centres the dispenser is only there at certain times.

• While it may appear cheaper to buy your hearing aid abroad, it may actually be more expensive in the long run. After buying hearing aids you may need to see the dispenser for adjustments sometimes several times, which could be expensive and inconvenient. it is important to check before you buy what will happen if you need more help or if your hearing aid breaks down once you are back home.


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