Buying hearing aids privately

In order to purchase hearing aids privately, you will need to go to a registered hearing aid dispenser. 

You may already have had your hearing tested by a hearing aid dispenser, or you may have had this done at an NHS audiology department. Whatever the case – you can only buy hearing aids from a registered hearing aid dispenser. 

You can search for dispensers in your local area via the Hearing Aid Council website.

You should always consider your choice of hearing aid dispenser carefully. For a list of things to bear in mind when choosing a hearing aid dispenser, click here.

When you attend your hearing aid fitting appointment there will be lots of information to take in. The dispenser should explain everything you need to know about how to use and look after your hearing aids. They should also provide this information in writing.

It can be helpful to take along a family member (ideally someone who lives with you), or even a friend, in case there are important points you miss or not remember when you get home.

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