The ACALOS module (Adaptive Categorical Loudness Scaling) provides a psychoacoustic measurement procedure for determining a listerner’s subjective loudness perception. A detailed description of the measurement procedure can be found on the ACALOS page in the description of the Auditory Profile.


(PDF files, Adobe Acrobat Reader needed):

Software manual: English German


ACALOS module demo version (compressed zip file, 6.8 MB)

Installation instructions:

Before installing the ACALOS module, the Oldenburg Measurement Applications Basic Software needs to be installed. To start the installation of the Acalos module, please unpack the downloaded zip-file into any folder on your system and run setup.exe. You have to be logged on as administrator or as user with administrator privileges to run the installation on Windows™ NT/2000/XP/Vista or an equivalent operating system. Please read all displayed dialogs carefully and follow the instructions accurately.

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