Software downloads for the Auditory Profile

Software for the Auditory Profile: Oldenburg Measurement Applications (OMA)All test procedures included in the Auditory Profile (except for pure tone audiometry) are available as plugins for the software package Oldenburg Measurement Applications (OMA). The Oldenburg Measurement Applications software was developed with the aim to offer audiologists an instrument to conveniently conduct new methods in hearing diagnostics using a flexible and modular system, independent of whether their workplace is a clinic, a research facility or in the hearing acoustics branch.

OMA is a modular software package which consists of one basic setup containing all shared components (e.g. database, hardware modules) and various test procedures which can be added individually. The modules range from classical speech tests to loudness scaling and modern speech audiometric methods implemented in silence or noise. In cooperation with well-known partner institutions, HörTech, a Centre of Competence for hearing technology, guarantees high quality implementation as well as continuous development of these methods based on current research findings.

A modern personal computer equipped with a high-quality sound card is a prerequisite for conducting measurements. It is connected to an audiometer's sound input, and the audiometer is directly controlled by the software via a serial PC interface. Customizations for a number of audiometers on the market currently exist (list available on request).

The use of the same software environment for all tests of the Auditory Profile offers several advantages: all tests can be easily operated because they have the same look and feel. All patient data are stored in the same database which allows for easy evaluation and comparison of test results. All hardware components as well as calibration data are shared.

The following test procedures from the Auditory Profile are available on OMA:

Each link from the above list leads you to detailed background information about the respective OMA modules and download possibilities for trial versions of the software. You will also find downloadable versions of the software manuals.

Please keep in mind that all OMA modules require the OMA basic software to be installed on your computer. A demo version of the basic software can be downloaded from the information page about OMA, where you also find basic manuals and system requirements.

Buying the software

The OMA software license model uses a basic license and test licenses. The basic license must be purchased once and includes the basic software and a hardware copy protection (dongle). For each desired test, a test license can be purchased which enables the full functionality of the particular test. Without a test license being present, usually a demo functionality is available for each test.

For purchasing OMA or OMA modules, please visit the HörTech website. There you can find the current price list and a fax order form. For getting information about products for which prices are not yet listed, please contact HörTech directly via the contact form.