Screening and diagnosing hearing loss

Screening and diagnosing hearing lossThe HearCom project offers two distinct categories of hearing tests:

The HearCom screening tests can be accessed here on the HearCom website. They may be carried out at home by anyone who is concerned about his or her hearing or by professionals in the clinic for a quick assessment of a person’s hearing ability. Information for professionals concerning the screening tests is given in the section "Screening Tests”.

For professional use, HearCom promotes the Auditory Profile that allows for concise and comparable testing of the auditory health across Europe. The Auditory Profile is a battery of audiological tests that covers all diagnostically important areas of hearing while having a minimum of redundancy between tests. Information for professionals concerning this diagnostic battery is provided in the section "Auditory Profile". The Auditory Profile is introduced as a diagnostics tool, and its usage in Europe is promoted to extend and unify the hearing care on offer across Europe.