Recent Developments: Streamlined Fitting
Since this method was developed for Nucleus implants the terminology in this section is Nucleus focused.
Based on this finding the streamlined method was proposed. This method works as follows:
1)     Measure T-level in the normal way on 5 electrodes (1,6,11,16, and 22).
2)     Interpolate the intermediate T-levels.
3)     Set the C-levels slightly above T-level and switch on the processor in live mode.
4)     Increase C-levels globally (all electrodes at the same time) until speech sounds comfortable.
A study with recipients showed no significant change in speech performance when comparing these maps to standard maps (Plant et al., 2004).
Advantage: Very fast, C-levels determined in live mode rather than arbitrary bursts of stimulation: taking into account temporal-spatial integration.
Disadvantage: Some recipients need finer control; every electrode ends up with the same dynamic range. May not be accurate enough for some.
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