Self Fitting: Hearcom Study
For this project, which is part of Hearcom, Cochlear created a user interface for a recipient self-fitting application. The application uses simple instruction to guide the recipient through the fitting process. As a control device the user can either use the screen and a mouse, a touchscreen or a device called 'Optimum'. The optimum device is a 3-button USB device. The 3 buttons contain a little (mobile phone like) colour LCD screen that the user can program.
At this moment we are running a clinican trial with this piece of software. The trial will focuss on:
  • Stability of the measurement.
  • Correlation with audiologist map.
  • Recipient satisfaction with the map and the method.
  • Speech perception in quiet and noise with audiologist vs self-fitted map.
As soon as results are available they will be published on this website.
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