Self Fitting: PCIMAR
PCIMAR stands for Parametric Cochlear Implant Map Adjustment by Recipients (Roos et al., 2005). It was a project run at the Cochlear Technology Centre Europe (Mechelen, Belgium) in collaboration with Prof. Smoorenburg's group in Utrecht. A research processor was programmed in such a way that recipients could vary their own shift and tilt values . In a small pilot trial 5 recipients were tested: they were first fitted with a standard ‘ECAP shift’ map by an audiologist and 3 weeks later they were tested. Then we ‘unlocked’ the shift and tilt profile buttons on the SP and asked people to optimise their own map. Speech testing was done before and after the recipient’s own map adjustment period. Button presses were logged in the speech processor.
Although some took many more button presses than others, the results seem to indicate that they all converged to a map eventually. There was no performance difference between the original map, the audiologist shifted map and the PCIMAR map. However, most recipients preferred their own map and are still using it today.
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