Demo 3: Interactive auditory virtual environment

This demonstration consists of an applet that offers an interactive, auditory virtual environment that allows online, real-time simulation and demonstration of complex acoustically adverse conditions. The purpose of this demonstrator is mainly to illustrate the benefit of binaural hearing for understanding speech in spatial conditions with competing sound sources and reverberation. Additionally, it also serves to demonstrate the capabilities of real-time virtual room acoustic software, here: the AVE software.

Short description of the applet:

Please click on the "Start I-AVE" button below to start the interactive auditory virtual environment demonstration. In the white box, the positions of a listener (indicated by a circle) and three sound sources (represented by squares no. 1, 2, 3) are displayed. You can move these objects by simply dragging them with the mouse pointer (which turns into a hand symbol when it enters the box area). Sound source no. 1 is speech, no. 2 is a flute, and no. 3 is a drum + electric guitar. There is a fourth sound not represented by a symbol because it is ambient, diffuse noise. You can play and stop these soundsby clicking the according playback control buttons in the lower left corner of the applet window. To the right of these playback controls are the room controls. Use these controls to select room size and degree of reverberation. Finally, the head orientation of the listener (indicated by the small cross attached to the circle, the "nose") can be controlled by the corresponding slider. You can change positions and head orientation settings while the sound is being played. The sound will adapt continuously. (In contrast, changes of room control parameters will not become effective before a new "play" command.)

If you experience any problems with this demo, please have a look at this troubleshooting page.